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Chris Odell 歐克禮

主任牧師 Lead Pastor

我是歐牧師,歡迎來到Aroma 這個大家庭。我們很開心你的加入。我和我的太太語潔2008年搬到台灣,我們期待看見台灣的復興。我們相信最好的即將到來。我們很高興可以參與到上帝在這裡的一切動工、看到人們聞到、成為、散播基督的馨香之氣。我們也相信你是這其中的一員。我們目前有兩個兒子,第三個孩子將於暑期出現和大家說hello。我們很喜歡到處探險、爬山、看書、玩音樂,當然還有玩樂高積木。
Hi this is Pastor Chris! Welcome to the Aroma family. We are so excited for you to join us. Since 2008, when my wife Jamie and I moved here, we have had a passion on our heart to see Taiwan coming to revival. We believe the best is yet to come and we are just excited to participate in whatever God has for us here, seeing many people smell to become and spread the Aroma of Christ. We believe you are a big part of that! We have two boys, and a third on the way. As a family, we love going on adventures in the mountains and the beach, reading lots of books, playing music, and of course, building LEGOS!

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