Here it’s all about “the Aroma.” You may hear that phrase a lot. It comes from 2 Corinthians 2:15, where God’s Word says, “We are the Aroma of Christ.” This part of the Bible talks about our identity as the Aroma of Christ affecting our relationship with God, with each other, and with people who don’t yet know God yet. It means we believe smelling, becoming, and spreading the Aroma of Christ are three of the most important things we do in this lifetime. It means we’re dedicated to seeing people live in the abundant life Jesus promised. It means we desire for each person to find Aroma Church as a place where they can belong, a place where they can learn about Christian beliefs, and a place where they can become all who God created them to be. It means we long for each person to have a vibrant relationship with God, participate in a thriving community where they can give and receive love, and find ways to share God’s amazing love with everyone around them.  It means we know that each person is on a journey and for however long we can participate in your journey, we’re grateful. Please join us!


As a part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, we uphold our faith statement, and have distinct views on God, revelation, people, God’s work in our lives, the future, the work of the Spirit in our lives, baptism, marriage, children, women in ministry, and philosophies of ministry. If you have any particular questions, you can always email our pastor or talk to us in person!


What to expect

Welcome to the Aroma Church. We meet every Sunday at 10:00AM. If you can't make it in person, you're welcome to join us online as well. Just click the YouTube button right here. 

If this is your first time coming to our church, here is what you can expect: 

  • When you arrive at our Ximen Cafe (No. 205, Hanzhong St, Taipei City, TW 108 ), simply walk in the front and go up the stairs to our 2nd Floor. 

  • On the 2nd Floor we will have forty-five minutes of singing, forty-five minutes of teaching from the Bible and a few times of prayer and testimonies mixed in between! 

  • Our church is in both English and Chinese so we encourage everyone to attend regardless of their language abilities. 

  • There is usually a small group that meets after the service too if you prefer to hang out and get to know people. We hope you will!

  • Throughout the week you can also join us for IG Lives, Coffee Talk, Outreaches, Prayer Meetings, Small Groups, and Spontaneous Times of Community. Check out our social accounts and calendar for more details.


Use the YouTube button above to join our LIVE service every Sunday at 10:00AM!