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The idea behind Aroma began in 2008. A group of  Westerners who were passionate about restoring communities, bringing hope, and building friendships among Taiwanese moved into Ximending to make a difference in the community. For some time, we strived to meet new friends in the area, and in doing so, discovered that many young Taiwanese people wanted to practice their English and needed a place to study and connect with others. We began planning to open a coffee shop that would allow our friends to have a place to do those things they desired, and also provide inexpensive, good coffee, and delicious and healthy food.


We opened The Aroma Cafe Ximen in January of 2012. It's here that we frequently hold events that we hope will encourage a rich community atmosphere so that more people can become a part of something bigger than themselves. The Aroma is a Christian cafe, and as such, we hope that our atmosphere offers our customers a chance to experience Jesus’ great love for them! In the future, we hope to build more cafes in different parts of Taiwan so that even more people will get a chance to experience true hope, peace, and life.





Aroma Cafe

No. 205, Hanzhong St, Taipei City, TW 108

Tuesday - Saturday: 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM